The following section includes a list of on campus and local resources to help supplement your income during difficult times or help reduce your every day expenses.  Please click on the following for the services.

Food Banks/Pantries

There are various local Food Bank and pantries that you can access including several here in Isla Vista and Goleta.  We have compiled a list of all the pantries if you have additional need for food that we are unable to accommodate….read more.

Financial Guides, Grants, Loans, etc.

This page provide you with on campus grants, loans, and other financial assistance to help alleviate your immediate financial need….read more.


Here is a list of local low cost or free healthcare provide if you are in need of medical care….read more.


Housing can be difficult in the County of Santa Barbara.  There are resources on campus and in the community that can assist you in finding housing, understanding your rights as tenants, and legal consultation… more.


Producing college level academic work can be confusing at times. Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS) assists students in their mastery of University course material through course-specific tutoring and academic skills development…read more.

Low cost shopping

Buying new and inexpensive clothes can be a difficult challenge. Thrift stores within the Santa Barbara area include Alpha Thrift Store, Destined for Grace Thrift Store, From My Heart Thrift Store, Goodwill, Thrifty Shopper, and United Family Association Thrift…read more.


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