Academic Assistance

Campus Learning Assistance Services

Learning Assistance Services (CLAS) assists students in their mastery of University course material through course-specific tutoring and academic skills development.

Education Opportunity Program Resource Centers

Offers mentorship, academic programs, one-to-one counseling/advising, campus student support service referrals and social/cultural programming to assist students through to graduation.

EOP also helps motivate and inform students to utilize services to enhance their preparation for the job market and/or graduate/professional school.

Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee

SIRRC hosts quarterly Study Jams where they provide a space for students to come and study for midterms and finals with healthy snacks and drinks, as well as blue books and scantrons. SIIRC also has a G.U.I.D.E.S. Undergraduate Mentorship Program which is a retention based mentorship program aims to promote student involvement and the academic success of incoming first-years through mentorship.

Women’s Center

The center also provide programming regarding gender and sexuality issues, free space to study, and free half hour massages.

The Resource Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity

The RCSGD staff works throughout campus with students, staff, and faculty to ensure that LGBT experiences and concerns are represented for sensitive and inclusive UC policies and practices. We provide confidential assistance and support to students, faculty, and staff who feel they have experienced harassment or discrimination, or who have questions around issues such as health, housing, financial aid, and coming out. We are also available for consultation to the UCSB community regarding matters of policy pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity. This service is a part of the Women’s Center.

Non-Traditional Student 

A child-friendly space, the lounge has a TV/DVD player, a net station, books and children’s toys. Non-Traditional student can sign up in the Women’s Center for free locker space! The lounge is a great place to study since we have comfortable seating options, windows that let in lots of natural light, and a net station to work on papers or check email.  The lounge is also a wonderful location to have a meeting, especially ones that relate to non-traditional students more specifically.

Offfice of International Students Services 

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) is the one place on campus that can assist you in all matters that relate to your visa status whether you hold an F-1 or J-1 visa. The OISS staff can answer your questions concerning how your academic program will affect your visa status. We can help you with questions about work or internships. We can help you in the event of an emergency. OISS is also the place to meet other international students. We can put you in touch with the international student associations on campus. We sponsor cultural events and workshops to enrich both your academic and social life. Our office has a lounge and computer stations that are available to international students during office hours.

Students Experiencing Homelessness

For a toolkit on how to achieve comparable access to resources as a student experiencing homelessness, click on the tool kit for homeless college students.

Conflict Resolution/Academic Disputes

Student Advocate Office

Student Advocate Office assists students accused of violating the University Code of Student Conduct. assistance is prompt, professional, confidential, and free.

Office of the OMBUDS

The Office of the Ombuds is a safe place at UC Santa Barbara to come and discuss workplace issues, interpersonal conflict, academic concerns, bureaucratic runarounds, and many other problems. We serve faculty, staff, students, parents, or anyone else with a campus-related concern. You can speak freely to us because we keep our discussions confidential. Get in touch with us as a first step or as a last resort-or at any point along the way.


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