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The Food, Nutrition, and Basic Skills Program is a collaborative with the following partners:

UC Global Food Initiative, UCSB Sustainability, University Center Dining, Health & Wellness, Residential & Community Living, Housing & Residential Dining Services, Isla Vista Food Co-op, Student Health, Environmental Affairs Board, Isla Vista Tenants Union, Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, Community Housing Office, Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-Operative, and Gaucho Farmers Market.

 Check out all the awesome workshops we have planned for Spring 2017!


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April Workshops

Adulting: Life Without a Meal Plan
Monday, April 24th 8-9pm at the Santa Rosa Formal Lounge
FNBS Track: Budgeting and Planning
Worried about buying your own food next year? Learn how you and your housemates can work together to create a food plan and explore different resources that can help you save money for food!
Cooking 101
Thursday, April 27th 5:00pm-6:00pm at Miramar North, Room 6113 at Sierra Madre Apartments
FNBS Track: Kitchen Basics
Come learn basic cooking techniques and terms for chicken, pasta, and much more with Residential Dining Services!
SBCC Permaculture Garden Tour
Friday, April 28th 1-3pm Meet at (& return to) Embarcadero Hall
FNBS Track: Connecting to your food
Is it possible to create more abundance in our lives with minimal resources while developing a stronger relationship with the natural world and our community? Learn how Santa Barbara City College is making it possible with their permaculture garden! Transportation is provided! RSVP:

May Workshops

Pasta: There’s More Than Just Tomato Sauce
Monday May 1st 3-4PM at the Gibraltar Community Center at Santa Ynez Aparments
FNBS Track: Cooking & Nutrition
Pasta: there’s more than just tomato sauce. Learn how to make Béchamel, Pesto, Squash, and walnut cream sauces!
Healthy Hummus
Tuesday May 2nd 6-7PM at Westgate Apartments
FNBS Track: Cooking & Nutrition
Create a healthy middle eastern snack that will last a long time in your fridge and allow you to add your own twist. No need to buy hummus from the store anymore when you can make it yourself!
Shopping on a Budget
Wednesday May 3rd 5-6PM at the Isla Vista Food Co-op
FNBS Track: Budgeting and Planning
Learn some great tips and tricks for how to shop at the Co-op on a $50/week budget (CalFresh budget), including in-store promotion programs, access-based pricing programs, and more! We will also be raffling off a copy of the book Good and Cheap: eat well on $4/day by Leanne Brown. Free snacks will also be provided! The snacks are budget friendly snacks pulled straight from Good & Cheap
Dinner and Movie Night
Thursday May 4th 6-9PM at the SRB Multipurpose Room
FNBS Track: Connecting to your food
Enjoy a free dinner and movie night hosted by the AS Food Bank Committee! There will be a short Q&A session after to discuss about various aspects of food that contribute to college students’ lifestyles
Oatstanding: Livening Up Your Oatmeal
Monday May 8th 2-3:30PM at the SRB Multipurpose Room
FNBS Tracks: Budgeting & Planning/Connecting to your food
Oatmeal doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to use the same ingredients every time. Did you know you can make savory oatmeal worthy for any meal of the day? Join us and make oatmeal out(oat) of this world!
Meal Prepping and Reducing Food Waste at School
Tuesday May 9th 2-3PM at Bren 4016
FNBS Tracks: Budgeting & Planning/Connecting to your food
Ever end up spending all day at school but realize you haven’t brought enough food with you? This workshop will explore meal prepping as well as tips and tricks for bringing breakfast, lunch, and dinner to campus so you can stay productive all day. We will also share ways to be sustainable with your food waste on campus.
Intersectional Veganism: Food and Social Justice
Wednesday May 10th 5-6PM at the Ucen Harbor Room
FNBS Track: Connecting to your food
Ever heard of intersectional veganism? Want to learn about how a plant-based diet connects to issues of food and environmental justice? During this workshop we will dive into the politics of veganism as seen through a social justice lens, recognizing how culture, identity, and societal constraints intersect with our food and how contrary to the dominant perception a vegan diet can be healthy AND affordable.
Choosing Foods for Health and Performance
Thursday May 11th 3-4PM at the Bookstore Lobby
FNBS Tracks: Cooking & Nutrition/Connecting to your food
Join us we take an in depth look at specific vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in food that denote a particular health benefit. We will define and discuss “superfoods” and their role in the diet for long term health. Come and understand how to incorporate these foods into your daily life!
How to Garden Without (Much) Money
Friday May 12th 1-2PM at the Greenhouse and Garden Project
FNBS Track: Connecting to your food
Come learn how to start your own plot at the Greenhouse and Garden Project! Match up with other students and start your plot together! Giveaways include starter plants and gardening kits.
Affordable and Protein-Rich Vegetarian Meals
Monday May 15th 2-3PM at Miramar North 6113 Sierra Madre Apartments
FNBS Tracks: Cooking & Nutrition
Vegetarian, protein rich, and affordable food. Vegetarian food is sustainable, delicious, and nutrient rich if you just understand what ingredients to use and how to prepare them.
Healthy Breakfasts for the Family on the Go
Tuesday May 16th 5-6PM at the Storke Family Housing Community Center
FNBS Track: Cooking & Nutrition
Healthy breakfast for the on the go family. Having store bought breakfast can take a toll on the budget. Join us and learn how to make quick and healthy breakfasts for the entire family!
Going Vegetarian
Thursday May 18th 6-7PM at the El Dorado Apartments Lounge
FNBS Tracks: Cooking & Nutrition/Connecting to your food
Learn how having a vegetarian diet can be easy and affordable while trying some delicious vegetarian meals!
Cook-off Tasting
Friday May 19th 12-2PM at the SRB Multipurpose Room
FNBS Track: Kitchen Basics
Try out some amazing dishes created by UCSB students!
Salads and Sprouts
Monday May 22nd 5-6:30PM at the West Campus Family Housing Community Center
FNBS Track: Cooking & Nutrition
Learn how to incorporate delicious and healthy sprouts into your diet!
How Good Can Your Shopping Basket Be?
Tuesday May 23rd 5-6PM at the Isla Vista Food Co-op
FNBS Track: Connecting to your food
Join the Isla Vista Food Co-op and learn how you can be an ethical consumer on a college budget using the HowGood rating system! Take a mini tour of the co-op, taste their best rated items, and leave with budget-friendly HowGood items sheet with ethical food, snacks, and even a recipe!
Professional Behavior at Business Receptions and Dinner Events
Wednesday May 24th 1-2PM at the Ucen State Street Room
FNBS Track: Basic Skills
Applying to jobs or internships? Learn how to conduct yourself in business dinners and events with Ucen Dining!
Using Your Freezer to Save Money
Thursday May 25th 4-5PM at the Cachuma Community Center at Santa Ynez Apartments
FNBS Tracks: Cooking & Nutrition/Budgeting and Planning
Learn about the benefits of buying in bulk and how you can reduce food waste with Ucen Dining!
Eating Healthy on a Budget
Tuesday May 30th 3-4PM at the SRB Multipurpose Room
FNBS Track: Budgeting and Planning
Learn how to incorporate healthy food costs into your quarterly and monthly budgets with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship and Student Health!
Real Food Film Festival
Wednesday May 31st 6-7PM at the Storke Family Housing Community Center
FNBS Track: Connecting to your food
The Gaucho Certified Farmers Market is proud to present Real Food Films Festival! Real Food Films is the first-ever international competition to celebrate short films on sustainable food and farming. Take a study break and come join us for this mini film festival! There will be lots of snacks from the Gaucho Certified Farmers Market. Short films include: Everybody Eats, Mindful Vineyards, Farmed With Love, and A Sustainable Catch


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