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The Food, Nutrition, and Basic Skills Program is a collaborative with the following partners:

UC Global Food Initiative, UCSB Sustainability, University Center Dining, Health & Wellness, Residential & Community Living, Housing & Residential Dining Services, Isla Vista Food Co-op, Student Health, Environmental Affairs Board, Isla Vista Tenants Union, Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, Community Housing Office, Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-Operative, and Gaucho Farmers Market.

 Check out all the awesome workshops we have planned for Winter 2017!


How to be a plant-based athlete

Time: Wednesday February 8th 5-6pm

Location: Isla Vista Food Cooperative

Track: Cooking & Nutrition, Connecting to your Food

You don’t need animal products to thrive. Come to the IV Food Co-op to debunk vegan myths and learn how to be a plant-based athlete!

Urban Agriculture Tour and Harvest Day

Time: Tuesday February 14th 2-4:30pm

Location: Fairview Gardens Center for Urban Agriculture

Track: Connecting your food

Join the Edible Campus Program on a tour of Fairview Gardens and get the opportunity to harvest or select produce from the farm stand and go home with the equivalent of $10 worth of free produce! Transportation is provided! Just RSVP at

Menu Planning and Basic Skills

Time: Thursday February 16th 5:30-6:30pm

Location: Sierra Madre Apartments, Miramar Center

Track: Kitchen Basics

Learn how to plan weeks for the week, how to create one entrée and use it in multiple ways, and how to utilize leftovers!

Kitchen Cultivation- Gardening Indoors

Time: Saturday February 18th 12-2PM

Location: West Campus Family Housing Community Garden

Track: Connecting your food

Join the Department of Public Worms and explore different methods for indoor windowsill gardening in your kitchen, apartment, or dorm. Learn how to start from seed/save seeds, how to replant food scraps, how to sprout, how to grow microgreens, and discuss what plants thrive with indirect sunlight. You’ll even be able to get to take home a small edible seedling and planter with them, filled with soil made by the Department of Public Worms from UCSB dining hall food scraps!

Kid Friendly Meals

Time: Tuesday February 21st 5:30-6:30pm

Location: Storke Family Student Housing

Track: Cooking & Nutrition

Cooking for the kids can be fun and easy! Join Chef Mario Gil from UCen Dining to test out recipes that kids will love, and mom and dad will too!

How to make the most of your spice rack

Time: Wednesday February 22nd 5-6pm

Location: Student Resource Building 1st Floor Conference Room

Track: Kitchen Basics

Renters Experience Panel: Benefits of Housing Co-operatives

Time: Thursday February 23rd 4-6pm

Location: TBD

Track: Budgeting and Planning

Food Demo at the Food for Freedom Fair

Time: Saturday February 25th 12-2pm

Location: Anisqovo Park in Isla Vista

Track: Cooking & Nutrition

Join Ucen Dining at the Food for Freedom Fair to learn how to cook the ingredients that we will be giving out at our free food distribution! While the Food for Freedom Fair will take place from 12-5, the food demo will happen from 12-2! Make sure to be there to get our Cooking & Nutrition track!

Spending Less & Growing More in your Backyard/Balcony

Time: Tuesday February 28th -4:30pm

Location: Greenhouse and Garden Project

Track: Budgeting and Planning, Kitchen Basics, Connecting your food

Have you ever wanted to grow a simple garden in your backyard? It doesn’t matter if you have a small patio space on the 65 block or a large backyard in the boonies of 68, growing a small garden is easy! Come learn how to start a garden from the very beginning stages of both pots and planter beds. We will teach you how to make a small herb pot up to a larger garden bed, while emphasizing options that are cost effective and tailored to the Santa Barbara environment. We will also provide you with written instructions after the workshop so you can refer back to what you just learned! Growing your own food has never been easier, come by and learn how to get your hands a little dirty!


Community Supported Agriculture Boxes and the Meals They Make

Time: Wednesday March 1st 12-2pm

Location:The Gaucho Certified Farmers Market (outside of Campbell Hall)

Track: Cooking & Nutrition, Budgeting and Planning, and Connecting your food

Learn how to introduce locally grown produce from Community Supported Agricultures boxes into your meals by trying out some recipes created by Ucen Dining’s Chef John Lazarus!

Asian Food, Farmers, and Cooperatives: A Local Bike Tour

Time: Sunday March 5th 10:30am-1:30pm

Location: TBD

Track: Connecting your food

Join the AS Bike Committee as they lead a bike tour to the IV Food Co-op, Goleta Farmers Market, and Indochina Market!

Budget Shopping Experience Tour

Time: Wednesday March 8th 4-5pm

Location: Isla Vista Co-op

Track: Budgeting and Planning, Connecting your food

Take a tour of the Isla Vista Food Co-Op and learn what your local Co-Op have to offer and then join Chef Mickael Blancho from UCen Dining to see and taste meals using ingredients from the co-op!

Transforming Beans and Rice

Time: Tuesday March 7th 5:30-6:30pm

Location: Jameson Community Center at Santa Ynez

Track: Cooking & Nutrition

Tired of the same old rice and beans? Learn how to change them up with one of Residential Dining Services’ own chefs!

Food Justice Dinner

Time: Thursday March 9th 7-8pm

Location: Student Resource Building Multipurpose Room

Track: Connecting your food

Enjoy a delicious meal and an open dialogue about food, sustainability, and accessibility! Vegetarian and vegan options will be offered!







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