seed bank

The SEED Bank is a program under the UCSB AS Food Bank that provides students with a pot, seeds, and soil to start a garden at home! 

If you’d like to register to utilize this service, please fill out the form below. Show the display confirmation to a Food Bank staff member when picking up seeds, and you’ll be all set! Happy planting 🙂

S.E.E.D. Registration Form

To register for S.E.E.D., you must register for the AS Food Bank first
  • For announcements on gardening workshops
  • On a scale from 1-5, 5 being very experienced


  • Bean (Tendergreen Improved)

  • Bell peppers (Cali Wonder)

  • Broccoli (Waltham)

  • Cantaloupe (Hales Best Jumbo)

  • Carrot (Scarlet Nantes)

  • Cauliflower (Snowball Y)

  • Celery (Tall Utah Improved)

  • Corn (Golden Bantam)

  • Cucumber (Marketmore)

  • Dill (Bouquet)

  • Eggplant (Black Beauty)

  • Jalapeño (Early Jalapeño)

  • Kale (Vates Blue Scotch Curled + Nero Toscana)

  • Lettuce (Ruby Leaf + Buttercrunch Butterhead + Black Seeded Simpson)

  • Okra (Clemson Spineless)

  • Onion (Evergreen Bunching + Walla Walla + Carbenet)

  • Parsnips (Harris Model)

  • Pea (Sugar Daddy)

  • Poblano (Pepper Chile)

  • Pumpkin (Sugar Pie)

  • Radish (Cherry Belle)

  • Serrano (Pepper Chile)

  • Spinach (Bloomsdale)

  • Sunflower (Mammoth)

  • Swiss chard (Giant Fordhook)

  • Thyme 

  • Tomato (Beefsteak)

  • Turnip (Shogoin)

  • Watermelon (Sugar Baby)

  • Winter squash (Waltham Butternut)