Vending Machine Program

The A.S. Community Vending Machine is a prepared food and personal care item distribution machine created in partnership with the A.S. Office of the President, Food Security and Basic Needs Advising Center, A.S. Food Bank, and Financial Crisis Response Team. This resource is intended to address food insecurity on campus and provide additional basic needs support to students.  

The A.S. Vending Machine is located in the lobby between the Multicultural Center and Associated Students and is available for students to access during operating hours of the building. Approved students can use their student ACCESS card or type their 7-digit PERM number into the machine to withdraw food and basic needs resources as needed. The machine is stocked regularly by the A.S. Food Bank with snacks, meals, and personal care items.

Use of this machine is limited to students who have been approved through consultation with the Financial Crisis Response Team. This machine does not take other forms of payment, and other users will not be able to utilize this machine. If you are experiencing food insecurity and are interested in this and other campus food resources, please contact the Financial Crisis Response Team at

 If you have Questions or Concerns about A.S. Community Vending Machine operations, please email: or call 805-893-3427 for technical support. We aim to respond to requests within 1-2 business days. For additional food resources, please visit and