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Thank you to all UCSB students, staff, faculty, and Santa Barbara community members for supporting us!



The Associated Students Food Bank is a student-run service that is available to all UCSB students, both graduate and undergraduate. We aim to eradicate hunger from our campus community by providing basic food supplies, toiletries, and information about additional resources to students in need.

In order to promote the comfort and moral support of students, the AS Food Bank will be accessible during regular school hours and will respect the confidentiality of its users.

Background Info:

As a public research institution with distinction, the University of California, Santa Barbara offers a premier undergraduate and graduate experience that enhances the creative and intellectual abilities of the diverse communities that it serves. However, in an environment of budget cuts and fee increases, students are facing new challenges that affect their performance as students and derail their academic and career goals. We are committed to promoting the retention and welfare of every student at UCSB by developing programs and services such as the AS Food Bank that directly address students need. The AS Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee and The Office of the President (UCSB) have collaborated with Associated Students staff, the Student Financial Resource Committee, the Vice- Chancellor’s of Student Affairs Office and various other departments school wide to establish this service.

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